Figure Spotlight: Fallout Nanoforce Boxes 1 & 2 from Toynk Toys

When it comes to exclusives, Toynk Toys has really taken their game up to the next level. They’ve just released two new ones, the Fallout Nanoforce Series 1 Collections 1 and 2, and they sent them over to the AwesomeToyBlog HQ for me to check out.

If you’re not familiar with the Fallout Nanoforce figures, they are 2″ figures that are similar in style to the timeless “Army Man” but are characters and items from Bethesda’s Fallout games. Each of the boxed collections is priced at $19.99 and includes 12 2″ scale figures from the Fallout universe. These 12 include 2 Vault Boys, 2 Allies, 2 Enemies, 2 Artifcats and 4 mystery figures. The collections also each include a 4″ scale figure. Each of the boxed collection sets include different figures, no duplicates here…which, honestly, is nice anytime “mystery” figures come into the equation. I’ll not spoil the mystery figures in either set, but Collection 1 includes “Strength”, “Chemist”, Protectron, T-60 Power Armor, Super Mutant A, Super Mutant B, Mini Nuke, Armored Dogmeat and a 4″ “Toughness” Vault Boy. Collection 2 includes “Party Boy”, “Commando”, Mr. Handy, Strong, Super Mutant C, Raider Veteran, Nuka Cola Bottle, Jangles the Moon Monkey and a 4″ Liberty Prime figure.

The figures themselves are quite well done – there’s a ton of detail crammed into the sculpt of these 2″ figures. As collector friend Jason Geyer says, “a good sculpt costs the same as a bad one” and it looks like Toynk made sure their exclusives had a good one. The quality of sculpt carries over to the 4″ figures as both Vault Boy and Liberty Prime have a ton of sculpted detail. While the figures look good on their own, Fallout fans who are good with a paintbrush should be able to knock these out of the park with a custom paint job…that would really make these figures pop.

Toynk Toys’ Fallout Nanoforce figures take the timeless “Army Man” format and mixes it together with Bethesda’s hugely succesful Fallout gaming series with the result being highly detailed 2″ and 4″ figures. Toynk has the first 2 collections of 12 2″ figures (with bonus 4″) in stock now (priced at $19.99) with series 3 and 4 available on pre-order now. Be sure to head over to Toynk and check them out.

Thanks to Toynk Toys for providing these sample sets for review!

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