Hasbro Launches Next Generation NERF N1 Series Darts and N Series Blasters

Hasbro today has announced a brand new NERF platform for their “8+” age category the N1 Series Dart with the N Series blasters. Hasbro held a press conference yesterday which gave a small peek behind the curtain – giving details of the N series.

In development since 2020, this upgrade from the Elite series offers improvements with both overall flight distance and precision. In the development of this new platform, the NERF team used computational modeling tools to predict flight behaviors allowing for a new approach to optimizing the dart design attributes. Over 1000 darts were created and tested over the course of development. The resulting N1 design showed improvement across all flight metrics – including distance, precision and speed. All while maintaining safety standards and hitting cost partity targets to the Elite platform.

Blasters also got an update with the new N Series blasters having a ‘tech’ inspired aesthetic while maintaing the classic orange/blue pallete. Each of the new blasters in the line have a specific purpose – be it a high capacity blaster, prioritizing accuracy, prioritizing power or featuring modular build components. This approach allows for each blaster to have a unique value proposition and lets kids (or…adults) find the blaster that best suits them and what they’re looking for in their NERF experience.

Coming on shelves this month, you’ll find.

  • NERF N Series – Ward ($4.99): This entry level blaster with a 2 dart capacity has a comapct lightweight design that’s intended for quick firing fun.
  • NERF N Series – Agility ($9.99): With a 6-dart capacity rotating drum (and 12 darts included) – this blaster is designed for action filled play.
  • NERF N Series – Pinpoint ($19.99): Accuracy is the name of the game with Pinpoint – this blaster includes 18 darts.
  • NERF N Series – Gear Up Pack ($24.99): This set includes 3 blasters and 2 accessories allowing for modular customization of your blasters. The Flex and Dealer blasters both are single-fire blasters while Wielder fires 4 darts in a row.
  • NERF N Series – Infinite ($39.99): The bigger, the better. This blaster is all about capacity with it’s 40 dart holding belt. With pump action and easy reloading – the fun isn’t going to stop.

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