New HeroQuest Quest Pack ‘Jungles of Delthrak’ Available to Pre-Order Now

The HeroQuest gaming system continues to expand with the new HeroQuest Jungles of Delthrak Quest Pack now available for pre-order.

In the dense jungle surrounding the mountains at World’s Edge, an ancient dwarven civilization finds new roots. A sacred artifact prized by the dwarven refugees of Kellar’s Keep has been stolen, and a blight has infected the jungle to its roots. As a powerful Berserker or Explorer hero, players traverse the jungles and discover what vile secret looms beneath its canopy – before all is lost!

Featuring 16 all-new quests and an innovative choose-your-own adventure mechanic, players follow their path to unique endings with limitless replayability. Along with the new quests, the game includes 36 illustrated game cards, 29 detailed miniatures, and 39 double-sided cardboard pieces.

The new Jungles of Delthrak Quest Pack can be pre-ordered today on Amazon and will be available for purchase at most fan retailers on August 1 (MSRP: $44.99. Ages 14 & up). Gameplay requires the HeroQuest Game System which is sold separately.

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