Figure Spotlight 89 – Iron Man Mighty Mugg

Iron Man mark VI

Series: Iron Man 2, Mighty Muggs

Release Date: 2/2010

In support of the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie, Toys R Us has 2 exclusive Mighty Muggs.  One of Iron Man (mark VI) and one of War Machine. These are priced at $11.99 each.

I can’t really go too far with my impressions on this Mighty Mugg since I picked it up for a friend who is a Mighty Mugg completeist, so I have to leave him in the package.  But since you can get 80some% of the experience of the Mighty Mugg packaged, I’ll say this is a pretty slick Mugg.  The metallic deco works fantastic, it is far more impressive than the similar deco given to last years SDCC exclusive Optimus Prime.  It’s good to see that Mighty Muggs aren’t gone, if they continue to have solid releases like this one, they might live for quite some time in the exclusives space.

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