G. I. Joe Micro Force Hands On

It’s that wonderful time of year where new things actually start to show up at your local stores. Today while in Toys R Us I saw the new G. I. Joe Micro Force blind bagged figures. If you missed their unveiling at JoeCon, Micro Force is essentially a G. I. Joe take on Star Wars’ Fighter Pods. Each blind bagged set includes 2 figures, an I.D. booklet and 2 discs. There’s a gameplay element of these discs referred to in the I.D. Guide, but they also serve as stands.  The figures are right about 1 1/4″ inches tall, and are unarticulated. For a figure of their size, the deco on them is quite good. The two figures in my set where Lt. Stone and the Beast Ninja Commander. Before I noticed the included I.D. guide I was going to have Justin at GeneralsJoes.com tell me who these guys were, I’m pretty surprised to grab a pack that had two characters I didn’t know. I’ve snapped a few pictures, which you can see below.

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