Super 7’s SDCC exclusives

Super 7 has revealed their SDCC exclusive vinyl toys for the year. They’ve got a wide variety of toys on deck including:

  •   POCKET BASEBALL BOY– Joining the Pocket Series is the debut release of BASEBALL BOY!  With an entirely new head sculpt, this little guy is cast in yellow vinyl, with a black & white baseball cap, and bright red stitching.  His round, mummified belly is highlighted with an orange spray.   Baseball Boy stands 3” tall and is comprised of high-quality Japanese vinyl.   Created by Brian Flynn.
  • FOSSILLA –The highly-anticipated Debut release of FOSSILLA sees the kaiju cast in unpainted grey vinyl.    He stands 9” tall and is articulated at the head, arms, and legs.   This collectible toy also comes with a bonus “anatomy lesson” backing card.  Joshua Herbolsheimer’s newest creature creation.
  • TAOKING – The signature Kaiju from Geof Darrow and Frank Miller’s legendary comic TheBig Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot, TAOKING has been reimagined in the style of classic Japanese toys as part of the DESTROY ALL KAIJU line.   Sculpted by Cosmo Liquid, TAOKING comes alive when the lights go down, as this toy made from Glow-in-the-Dark vinyl!   Green, blue, and red sprays highlight his form along with metallic silver detailing.   The 9” tall TAOKING features and articulated outer arms, legs, and tail
  • FOSTER –  Everyone’s favorite cannibal cookie is back in a delicious new flavor:  caramel coated vinyl with a creamy vanilla sprayed center. Designed by Brian Flynn.
  • MILTON -The walking ice-cream cone is now a struttin’ sherbet spire!  MILTON is rocking a rainbow of flavors: strawberry, lime, and lemon sprays over a brown vinyl cone.  These new Kandy Kaiju characters now come in illustrated header card packaging.  A snack-sized 3” tall figure designed by Brian Flynn.
  • PUMPKIN BOY -The Jack-O-Lantern rendition of Super7’s company mascot Mummy Boy returns in Skulletor colors!  PUMPKIN BOY is cast in sky blue vinyl with dark blue, yellow-green, red, and purple sprays.   This big bundle of mummified vinyl stands 6” tall and is jointed at the neck and arm.   PUMPKIN BOY is created by Brian Flynn.
  • ZOMBIEFIGHTER –  Deep red swirled vinyl motivates the ZOMBIEFIGHTER to make it to the next round.   Crisply detailed with multiple color sprays: black, green, yellow, and grey.   The ZOMBIEFIGHTER measures almost 6 inches tall and features articulated arms and neck.
  • ROSE VAMPIRE CASKET CRUISER – The warmth of the San Diego sun has helped Joshua Herbolsheimer’s vampiric garden bloom a beautiful yellow flower, as the ROSE VAMPIRE CASKET CRUISER tears up the highway on the way to Comic Con!   With a rose head cast in yellow vinyl and a “pinebox derby” coffin cast in wooden brown, this popular toy is decorated with red, green, blue sprays with metallic gold detailing for the handles and headlights.  The Chocolate Racer is a high-quality Japanese vinyl figure, approximately 4 inches long, with free-rolling wheels.
  • FREDERICK THE BEETLE – Forget all about John, Paul, George, & Ringo and let FREDERICK be the next beetle you add to your collection.   Cast in translucent pink vinyl with silver glitter throughout, FREDERICK is strikingly toned with various shades of blue, purple, and silver sprays.   Bwanna Spoons’ character is a two-piece vinyl figure articulated at the waist, and measures 4” tall.
  • HOLLIS TURD – A mash-up of Le Merde’s popular characters – Hollis’ head meets Le Turd’s body to form the brand new HOLLIS TURD!   This figure brings the Summer Jams with its flesh colored vinyl and multiple sprays: blue, white purple, red, and black detailing around his yellow eyes.   HOLLIS TURD is a two-piece Japanese vinyl figure articulated at the neck, measuring 4” tall.
  • HONOO – Translucent pink vinyl brings an added charm to Leecifer’s great design of HONOO (aka the flame).  Standing 4” tall on his brown kindling legs, the translucence is accentuated with blue, orange, yellow, and white sprays.   HONOO burns up your collection as a two-piece Japanese vinyl figure articulated at the neck.
  • LEROY C. – The world’s happiest dinosaur is rendered with exacting care to be authentic to the very last detail of the giant lizards of prehistory.  Okay, we may have gotten bad info from wikipedia or something, but we definitely remember someone saying that all dinosaurs were translucent green and 4 inches tall so that’s what we went by.   Maybe it isn’t so accurate after all, but that doesn’t make this toy any less sweet!  Just take LEROY C to your toy shelf and not the Smithsonian and everything will be fine.    Invisible Creature’s dino creation is highlighted with red, white, black, yellow, and green sprays.   This two piece vinyl figure is jointed at the neck.
  • LITTLE PRICK – As the sun sets on the Mojave, Brian Flynn’s LITTLE PRICK illuminates the desert darkness!   Cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl, this cactus critter is accentuated with green & yellow sprays, with his tighty-whities being colored accordingly.    Made in Japan, this two piece vinyl figure is jointed at the waist.
  • POWER MISTER – Ugly Doll creators Sun-Min & David Horvath bring their sensibilities to the Monster Family line with the nicely gloved and much loved POWER MISTER!   Made from translucent grey vinyl mixed with shining metallic glitter,  POWER MISTER is detailed with dark grey, black, white, and piercing pink for his wild eyes.

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