Figure Spotlight: K9

Doctor Who logoOne of the highlights of this past SDCC was finding the Who Shop booth which was featuring merchandise from the new K9 children’s show. When I was first exposed to K9, I was probably the perfect age to think the tin dog was the best thing in the world. Apparently it stuck, as he’s still one of my favorite companions, and his return to modern Who was one of the high points of that series. K9’s been reinvented for a new generation as he’s headlining his own show – and I couldn’t resist picking up the official collector’s figure.

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of K9’s redesign – but this is a nice figure. Or, at least, a nice mini-statue as it’s a non-articulated resin figure. The figure feels quite sturdy, but the thin tail is something to be careful with – it seems prime for breakage. The figure’s sculpt is excellent, looking spot on the character’s model. The paint on the figure is particularly nice, featuring a nice metallic shimmer on the grey. The red paint on K9’s ‘eyes’ could be a bit brighter but otherwise the details are also spot on.

I have to say, while this isn’t ‘my’ K9, it’s certainly a quite nice K9 and I’m glad that another generation gets to become friends with the Doctor’s (and Sarah Jane Smith’s) best friend. You can pick this figure up at Entertainment Earth and other online outlets.

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