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starwarsHere at AwesomeToyBlog, we don’t have a very large staff – in fact its just myself, an occasional guest contributor and my 4 interns. Unfortunately, the interns don’t get very many assignments due to the fact that the writing jobs get in the way of their napping schedule. However, one of the SDCC announcements set them up for the perfect job. Oh, let me clarify, the AwesomeToyBlog intern team is made up for two cats (Chris and Neil) and two dogs (Rylee and Scooter). The ideal announcement? PetCo’s announcement of a Star Wars pet line.

Between a few samples from PetCo and my own purchases we have the Princess Leia cat hat, the Chewbacca & Yoda cat toys, a Chewbacca dog sweater and a Darth Vader bottle chew toy. I have to say, three of the four are a hit. Let’s start with the exception to the rule – the Leia cat hat. For the brief moments I had the cats wearing these they were adorable – I mean, it’s a cat that has Princess Leia buns! But ultimately my cats hated having them on. If you have cats that might be into headwear – this is worth it…because the outcome is adorable.

The other products I’ve sampled have all been great. Both the dog toys and cat toys are well made and have held up to several weeks of play. The toys are reasonably priced – but hold up better than most toys at the same prices. And really having your cat bring you a Yoda mouse while playing fetch is so cute!

The final item from the PetCo Star Wars collection I have is a Chewbacca sweater, which I picked up for Scooter. I’m fortunate that he’s a pug who enjoys the occasional sweater because in his Chewbacca hoodie he is ADORABLE. It is my favorite item from the collection and it’s fantastically well made. With Halloween around the corner, the Chewbacca sweater opens up a man and his best friend costume combo for Han Solo / Chewbacca.

You can find items from the PetCo Star Wars collection at both brick & mortor PetCo locations and Items range in price from about $4 to $40 and include toys, pet beds, pet clothes, and more. Thanks to PetCo for the samples and thanks to the AwesomeToyBlog interns for their help with this post.


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