Figure Spotlight #11 – Jazz

Reveal the Shield JazzPart of the ‘Reveal the Shield’ assortments, this latest update of Generation 1 Jazz was released in the latter part of 2010.  He features a rubsign on his roof which, when rubbed or heated, reveals that he’s an Autobot.  Which isn’t a surprise, as he’s been an Autobot for over 25 years.  But I guess its nice to see rubsigns being used on contemporary toys.

On the upside, this Transformer is the jazziest of all Jazzes.  Both vehicle and robot modes are excellent representations of the character.  Both modes are classically Jazz, but have been updated to fit with modern Transformers.  One cool addition are a pair of speakers, which can fold out while in vehicle mode.  Just like in the G1 cartoon.  While G1 rehashes and homages may get a bit tired, figures like this Jazz really hit the spot for G1 nostalgia.

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