Figure of the Day 4 – K-9


Series: Doctor Who
Release Date: 2006
Comments: Let me just say this upfront. I love ‘Doctor Who’. I have loved ‘Doctor Who’ for over 25 years. I’ll also add that K-9 is one of my favorite companions. So much so that I have a 20 year old balsa wood model of him in my closet. In a different closet I have an unfinished 1:1 scale model of his body. See, I mean it when I say I like K-9.

     This figure was released in the early days of the modern Who action figure line coming from the UK.   Released in both a clean (this one) and a rusty version, K-9 features a removable panel and pull-back action.  K-9 was widely released being made available as a pack in with Rose, the Doctor and Sarah Jane.  There is also a remote controlled K-9 in this scale, which looks essentially the same.  All in all though, action figures of robot dogs don’t get a whole lot better.  If you’re a Who fan and you’re reading this, you’ve got to get your hands on him. 


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