Figure Spotlight #8 – Buffy (lead miniature)

Buffy Lead StatueOk, I’ll admit that I’m cheating today by calling this a figure spotlight.  Even the most creative use of the “figure” definition would be stretched to include this Buffy statue.  Buffy is a lead miniature which was the first in a collectible series of figures and magazine originating from the UK.  These types of magazine / statue series are fairly common with other series includes Star Wars ships, Star Trek ships and Marvel characters to scratch the surface.  I picked up a Buffy and an Angel at last year’s Phoenix Comic-con.

Standing at just 3 1/2 inches, this is my second smallest Buffy in my collection.  For a statue of this size, I’m quite pleased at the likeness.  It is almost a definitive Buffy, being lifted right from the series 3 premiere episode ‘Anne’.  The statue’s pose is well done, implying action without being in a contorted action pose.  The paint ops, while fairly simple and limited, are sufficient.  Being a solid piece of metal, there are no point of articulation at all.  For what it is, a low cost small statue, I’m really satisfied with this Buffy and if you’re a fan, this series of figure / magazines are worth hunting down.  And yes, the picture isn’t really doing it justice…the eyebrows aren’t quite as pronounced in person.

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