Titan Entertainment SDCC Exclusive 10th Doctor Tuxedo Variant

SDCC 2013 logoTitan’s blind boxed Doctor Who vinyl figures have become quite popular, and now there’s one to hunt down at this year’s SDCC. From the 2007 Christmas special “Voyage of the Damned” comes a tuxedo clad 10th Doctor variant. He’ll be just $10 at the show.

In addition to this exclusive figure (and several non-toy exclusives) Titan will also be debuting their 10th Doctor wave at the show, available one month earlier than the general August 2013 release.  Titan Entertainment will be at booth #5537 at the show.

10th Doctor Titan figure cc13

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  1. Do we know how many of these Variants will be available numberwise? Plus, will they only be available at the SDCC as a stand-alone product?

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