Figure Spotlight #4 – Wooof

Star Wars Vintage Collection - WooofPart of the Star Wars Vintage Collection ‘Return of the Jedi’ wave is Wooof, an update of the vintage Klaatu figure.  Wooof was one of Jabba’s guards at the Sarlaac pit.  He died when Luke reflected one of his laser blasts back at him with his lightsaber.  Sorry, Wooof. Wooof is a great example of how good a modern Star Wars figure can be.  Everything is just about perfect, which makes for a pretty short spotlight.  Wooof does serve as an example of a place where soft goods really “works” on a figure; the skirt here really looks great.  Customizers will want to note that Wooof’s helmet is removable, with a fairly generic head underneath which could be a great starting point for customs.

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