Classic Doctor Who Makes Blu-Ray Debut August 13th with ‘Spearhead from Space’

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Officially announced last week, August 13th will see the first classic Doctor Who story to be released in high definition on Blu-Ray. ‘Spearhead from Space’, Jon Pertwee’s debut episode as the 3rd Doctor, has the distinction of being the first Who store recorded entirely on film. Due to it’s source material being film, and not lower quality video tape, a complete restoration was possible enabling the only true HD release of classic Doctor Who. Special features on this Blu-Ray include the featurettes “A Dandy and a Clown”, “Carry On: The Life of Caroline John”, one looking at the title sequence and a comparison of the restoration.

If you’re a classic Who fan, this is your one chance to see the series in full HD. You can pre-order the title now at your favorite establishments, including


Spearhead from Space BluRay

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