Figure Spotlight #1 – Marvel Universe Thanos

Marvel Universe ThanosWelcome to AwesomeToyBlog’s newest feature (sort of) – a daily spotlight on something from my collection.  Some posts will be short, some might be longer; all depends on what the figure brings out.  I’m kicking it off with Marvel Universe Thanos, who I picked up just prior to the holidays.  His wave was one of the tougher ones to find, many trips to Target were required.

Thanos is the perfect example of what I like about Marvel Universe.  In just under 5 inches, Hasbro captured the essence of Thanos; the sneer, the physique, the Infinity Gauntlet (or not, he has swappable fists), it’s all perfectly Thanos.  He was worth the many trips to the store.  Thanos is also a great example of how Marvel Universe has improved as a line; he’s a sturdy and well built figure.  Many of the early figures felt floppy and fragile, that’s largely a thing of the past.

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