Dapol Doctor Who toy catalog from 1990/1991

Doctor Who logoBack in the late 1980’s to 2001 there was a fairly successful Doctor Who action figure line from the British toy train company Dapol.  A member of the WhoNA message board posted a toy catalog from 1987 featuring the toys including a never released Whomobile.  Check out the prototype image after the jump; or head here to check out the entire catalog.  As a young toy collecting Whovian, these Dapol figures were incredible.  The TARDIS console playset and clear Dalek are two of my personal “holy grail” items.  While the Dapol figures can’t hold up to today’s great Underground Toys classic Who line; this catalog takes me back to watching PBS on a Saturday afternoon and following the Doctor’s adventures.  Thanks to forum member neogeoMk2 for the scans and the trip down memory lane.

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  1. I had that Dapol TARDIS and it was the biggest piece of junk ever: a cheap christmas tree light and plastic that barely stayed together. Such a waste. It held together until I could get Character Online’s flight control TARDIS: now that is a nice toy.

    I have a real Doctor Who figure problem…

  2. I have the Dapol Tardis…and its ok. You’re right tho – the modern flight control on is much better. And there’s no such thing as a Doctor Who figure problem…unless it is not having enough of them.

  3. Got my first Dapol figure when I was 4 years old and still have them today. I have 170+ figures including TARDIS, Sound FX TARDIS, 35th anniversary set, bump’n go Marx Daleks, millennium Daleks, Jelly baby clear TARDIS, Clear Daleks, Christmas Dalek…… well 90% of the figures. I know they were not great but they were all we had. CO are amazing but Dapol hold a fond place in my heart and childhood.

  4. Tery, we should talk. I had to go buy more Dapol becuase my nephews actually played my old ones into oblivion. I love the Dapol figures. They have some “real beauties” but there was some great, fun stuff there too.

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