Character Options Launches Latest Doctor Who Online Exclusive: Fugitive Doctor with TARDIS

Character Options is excited and delighted to announce that, for the first time, the Fugitive will join her esteemed other incarnations with her own figure set in this latest Online exclusive Doctor Who Figure
set. The set will be solely available for sale via form today, Monday 22nd of January 2024.

Inspired by the Doctor Who episode entitled “Fugitive Of The Judoon”, Character Options is proud to present this figure of the mysterious Fugitive Doctor along with her very own TARDIS! Both are presented in this specially designed 60th Anniversary window packaging, which has been designed to wow even before it’s opened.
Set Contents at 5.5 Inch Scale:

  • 1 x Fugitive Doctor Figure.
  • 1 x Division Blaster Accessory
  • 1 x TARDIS with opening doors

This incarnation of the Doctor is shrouded in mystery. The Thirteenth Doctor first met the Fugitive Doctor (played by Jo Martin) when she was hiding out as ‘Ruth Clayton’, a tour guide living in Gloucester. Using a
Chameleon Arch, she’d re-written her DNA to appear human and buried her TARDIS below ground where it could never be found. She was hiding from her former employer, a mysterious Time Lord agency called
‘The Division’, who had hired the Judoon to track her down. With the arrival of the Judoon and Thirteenth Doctor, the Fugitive Doctor’s secret couldn’t be kept for much longer.

Ruth flees with the Thirteenth Doctor to a lighthouse she remembered as a child, but what they discover there only deepens the mystery. Sensing something familiar, the Thirteenth Doctor discovers her own TARDIS from the long past, and when Ruth breaks the fire alarm within the lighthouse it triggers a reversal of the Chameleon Arch.

Instantly the Doctor once more, she teleports herself and the Thirteenth Doctor into her TARDIS and
takes off to confront the ‘Division’. The Thirteenth Doctor is hugely disturbed by the fact she cannot
remember being this incarnation but recognises the truth that she undeniably had been. Now free,
this no longer fugitive Doctor leaves for further adventures and would go on to meet her Thirteenth
self a handful of times, as a projection of the Matrix, and then again as a holograph.

The full story of the Fugitive Doctor remains undisclosed and only time will reveal the full truth… as it
always does.

Al Dewar, Creative Director, commented: “Well, it’s finally out there! And safe to say this is one of the most special Doctors I’ve ever worked on. It’s been under wraps for well over a year and a half which helped keep the secret.
Jo Martin, who was utterly delightful to work with when creating this set and we also give her rather
lovely TARDIS a wee overhaul as well, with the original flat roof being replaced by a slightly angled
one, with replacement lamp and nice little undercuts between the roof pillars. There is also one neat
little easter egg in the pack we hope collectors enjoy. All in all, this is a truly great set.”

The online exclusive costs £39.99 and will include postage to UK addresses. It will be available to
order 22nd January 2024 from and dispatch will be within 3-4 days.

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