New Doctor Who UK Exclusive B&M Sets Announced: The Deadly Assassin, Remembrance of the Daleks, New Series Daleks

The Character Options team is delighted to finally reveal details of the final Doctor Who Collector
Sets for B&M Stores, for 2023. Available later this month (date to be determined by the retailer),
these three new sets will add to those revealed in August and will be the perfect addition to any
fan’s collection.
The first of the new arrivals is a three-figure set that goes back to 1976 with three 5.5” scale
characters presented in updated 4 th Doctor Branded packaging. And to keep up with demand from
fans of the Daleks, there are two new History Sets to look forward to, too. Each pack features a
comprehensive description, together with details on the inspiration behind each set, a short precis
of which is below.

The Deadly Assassin (08019)
This figure trio features the Fourth Doctor in Time Lord robes, collar and skull cap, Chancellor Goth in
his Prydonian Chancellery robes and the Claret robed Cardinal Borusa, all iconic characters from
the third serial of Season 14.
This was the only story in the Classic series of Doctor Who to feature the Doctor without a
companion and saw the return of the Doctor’s nemesis, the Master, but in a heavily decayed state at the end of his original regeneration cycle. The storyline sees the Doctor head to Gallifrey to answer to the Time Lords’ summons. On the way, he is struck by a premonition that he will assassinate the Lord President – a premonition that plays out!
The Doctor is quickly apprehended but by claiming a right to stand for President he sends Gallifrey
into a constitutional crisis. The full synopsis behind the episode and creation of the set can be
enjoyed on the packaging.

The History of the Daleks #15 – Remembrance of the Daleks (08020)
This next installment for the History of the Daleks series includes a supreme Dalek and a Grey Renegade Dalek, from an episode that first aired in 1988.
For Remembrance of the Daleks, the producer and writing team sought to give the Daleks more credibility and menace. The story reveals two factions of Daleks fighting a civil war: the Grey Daleks,
or ‘renegades’ led by the black Supreme Dalek and the Imperial Dalek force led by The Emperor ‘Davros’. Humanity is caught in the crossfire as both sides hunt their objective, an ancient Gallifreyan
Artifact known as the ‘Hand of Omega’ through London.

The History of the Daleks #16/17 – New Series Gold and Black Daleks (08021)
Featuring one Time War survivor Dalek and one Black Dalek, these Daleks herald back to the start of the New Series in 2005. During 2004 the props department were challenged with coming up with a new Dalek design for the series. The feeling of those involved was that the Dalek needed updating to a more modern look.
In the story ‘Dalek’ one surviving Dalek is kept in an underground bunker, the pet plaything of a multi
billionaire who collects alien junk. When it finally regenerates, we find out exactly how deadly one lone
Dalek can be.

Black Dalek Sec is one of a set of four Daleks to emerge from a Dimension Ship on Earth in the
Torchwood research facility. These survivors of the Time War have hidden in the spaces between
dimensions awaiting the moment to emerge once more. Upon their arrival, all hell breaks loose as
the Daleks and Cybermen rally for an all-out war.

Al Dewar, Creative Director at Character Options, said: “This time, we’ve jumped around a little.
We’ve delved back into the Classic series to bring the collectors Time Lords, and not just any Time
Lords .. these are the Time Lords of old, when they were still a mystery to fans in their second TV
appearance. It was a delight to bring the 4 th Doctor in his Time Lord robes, the beguiling Chancellor
Goth as played by Bernard Horsefall, a true Doctor Who legend, and the Doctor’s old schoolmaster
Cardinal Borusa, from the eternally fabulous Deadly Assassin story to the shelves.
“Then we skipped over the Resurrection of the Daleks, though we will inevitably cover that one, and
went straight to Remembrance to bring fans the iconic Black Dalek Supreme and Grey drone. These
have a many updated features and stand out well. You just can’t beat a Remembrance Grey Dalek
blasting its way around London! These flat grey ‘chunky’ Classic Daleks were so impressive in their
last TV outing.
“For Set two we delved into the New Series with the ‘original’ Bronze Dalek from ‘Dalek’,
interestingly the only one to feature, the waistband in gold. The colour scheme on this Dalek is
slightly different than the later ones with less contrast between the gold and bronze. Adding to the
mix is Dalek Sec -the original though not last, Black Dalek Supreme. The impact of the first Black
Dalek for decades was so impressive at the time and just added to the feeling of menace that the
new design conveyed.
“As usual, hopefully there’s something here for everyone to enjoy and, as Leela might say, ‘Good
luck to you all in the eternal B&M Set hunt!’”

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