Character Options Announces Newest B&M Exclusive Classic Doctor Who Figures

Character Options is delighted to be able to share with you details of its latest Doctor Who sets;
soon to be available in B&M Stores (exclusive to the UK, there is no formal distribution in the US).

The new collection comprises three 5.5 inch scale, 2-piece sets each of which is presented in commemorative packaging. For fans of the Daleks, there are two new themes to look forward to, whilst a 5.5 inch scale Sixth Doctor figure and TARDIS set makes up the third.

The History of the Daleks #13 – The Five Doctors (08015)
From the 1983 episode, The Five Doctors, this set includes a detailed figure of the (Richard Hurndall) First Doctor together with the Gallifrey Death Zone Dalek. Setting the scene, the Fifth Doctor is found relaxing with his companions at the Eye of Orion but starts to fade from reality as his former incarnations are pulled from their Time streams. The Fourth Doctor is trapped and the First, Second and Third Doctors are drawn to the Death Zone. The storyline sees them face some of their deadliest foes, including a lone Dalek. Behind the scenes, the original Dalek prop received some significant visual modifications including large grey disc-style dome lights. Further modifications include a ‘lifted’ neck bin and a new grey and black paint scheme.

The History of the Daleks #14 – Revelation of the Daleks (08016)

From the 1985 episode of the Revelation of the Daleks, this set includes 2 Necros Daleks. In this adventure, the Sixth Doctor and his companion Peri arrive on the bleak planet of Necros to attend the
funeral of old friend Arthur Stengos but find Davros lurking in the catacombs below. He is in the process of creating a new Dalek by harvesting tissue cells from the dead. His extortionate demands on
the leader of the Tranquil repose facility led to the need to assassinate him. Behind the scenes, four new props were required and departed from their original design. These off-white and gold Daleks have steeper skirts, ‘lifted’ neck bins, a new chunkier style shoulder section, dome lights and a different eyestalk.

The Sixth Doctor and TARDIS (08017)
This exclusive anniversary year release of the Sixth Doctor with his TARDIS comes exactly a decade and half since this figure’s first release in 2008. The Sixth Doctor was one of the most verbose, and articulate of The Doctors incarnations, and could be both melodramatic and stubborn. But despite these tendencies, under his thunderous and turbulent exterior, he was passionate, warm and empathetic.

Al Dewar, Creative Director, says ‘These were interesting sets to work on. Regarding the Dalek sets we’re hopping around a little this year, but it meant we could be creative and add the ‘Five Doctors’ into the History Of The Daleks Sets. As fans know this story featured one lone Dalek so it was a perfect opportunity to bring back a head sculpt created over a decade ago of the late great Richard Hurndall who played a version of the first Doctor in this story. Or … it would have done had the sculpt not been
scrapped. So, not to be outdone we resurrected it in digital form, and I think it’s fair to say it’s better than the original. Both the Daleks for this Set and the second ‘Revelation of the daleks’ set have been given a
makeover with a mix of new parts to update the look to better match the screen used props
including a lifted neck bin making them a teeny bit taller, new eyestalk, new dome lights and an
updated chunkier front shoulder section on the Necros boys! The final Set is The Sixth doctor and TARDIS set featuring a very different version of The Sixth Doctors costume based on one used in a Stage Play of the time. It’s a lovely figure which coupled with a delightfully shabby TARDIS which perfectly reflects the state of the prop at the time, creates a nice standout set.’

‘It’s also worth mentioning fans and collectors will notice a distinct change to the packaging for
these 2023 sets giving the whole range a nice facelift.’

These new sets will be available in coming weeks at local B&M Stores and with and SRP of £34.99
for the TARDIS sets and £24.99 for the Dalek Sets. (prices may differ in store).

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