Figure of the Day 65 – Mugatu


Series: Star Trek
Availability: 1997
Comments:  Playmates’ Star Trek line lasted on shelves an extraordinary 7 years, from 1992 to 1999.  The Mugatu was released when the line was still healthy, but it was starting to get long in the tooth.

History hasn’t been terribly kind to the Playmate’s line.  Most of the human figures seem very dated, with the out of proportion sculpts standing out.  However, figures of the Star Trek aliens still are visually striking.  The Mugatu is no exception; in fact, the figure looks better and more exotic than the actual image on the screen.  While the articulation is limited to modern standards, it is more than adequate.  There aren’t very many giant alien white ape figures that have been made, but this one is among the best!

And apparently he’s popular; within days of posting the photo to my flickr account, he’s become my 3rd most viewed photo.  Who knew?  Maybe he should get his own spin-off, or show up in the next movie.

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