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TF2013 LogoIn all the other posts, I covered most of the areas of the showroom that was of interest, but there were a few other things that are worthy of notice.

  • One of the opportunities the event I attended was to try out the new Play-Doh Plus and make your own cupcake. I did make a cupcake, but it wasn’t up to my standards for baked goods. Using the Play-Doh Plus was an interesting experience, it’s got a very different texture compared to the original Play-Doh and you can do some fun stuff with it. In the gallery below you can see some of the display creations – all made with Play-Doh
  • The new gender neutral Easy-Bake oven was on display – a cool redesign of a classic product
  • Furby is getting a friend with the introduction of Furby Rockers. If you like cute things, you might like these.
  • There were a few fun board games. The popular game Bejeweled is jumping off your TV screen and onto you coffee table. This game looked gorgeous. Jenga is getting a Tetris twist, where the classic Tetris shapes are being included in the Jenga stack – that should introduce a nice twist to game play. Finally Life is getting a ‘Fame Edition’ where you’re on the search for fame.

I realize I’ve stretched this Hasbro coverage over a ton of posts (and there’s more to come as I still have all the official images to post) but I just wanted to thank the folks at both Litzky PR and Hunter PR for being so accommodating to the fan media during Toy Fair.

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