Jada Makes a Big Entry Into SDCC

SDCC 2016 logoThe saying “go big or go home” is one that Jada Toys apparently follows as for SDCC this year they went big. While their diecast Metals line is relatively new – they clearly have big plans for it based on the display at SDCC. Figures from X-Men, the Marvel cinematic universe, ┬áDC, Power Rangers, the WWE, Mortal Kombat, Ghost Busters, Assassins Creed and more were all on display in a number of different sizes.

Take a minute to click through the gallery below and see all the die cast figures on the way from Jada Toys.

Underground Toys Surprises with New 13 Doctors Set

SDCC 2016 logoAt SDCC this year, Underground Toys (and Home!) surprised with a new edition of their 11 Doctors boxset by expanding it to all 13 Doctors. And if the addition of two additional Doctor’s wasn’t enough to make the set feel new – the deco on each other Doctor has been altered from previous editions. Detail shots of each Doctor are included below.

In addition to this new figure set, some brand new pieces for their housewares line was also on display with Marvel and Star Wars items taking center stage. Check out the complete display below.

SDCC 2016 – Entertainment Earth / Bif Bang Pow!s Display

SDCC 2016 logoMy Saturday morning at SDCC started off with a conversation with the fine folks over at Entertainment Earth, which really is a great way to start a Saturday. During my time there we looked at some of the latest and greatest Bif Bang Pow! products – from the 3 3/4″ Shark Tank figures to their growing line of chair capes all the way to the brand new line of Pin Mates. The properties that Bif Bang Pow! are working with keeps growing with Marvel, DC, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, Dexter, KISS being just a few among many.

The gallery below has most of the product on display in the Entertainment Earth booth – check it out.

New Marvel Legends from Hasbro at SDCC – DAZZLER, Jessica Jones, the Punisher

SDCC 2016 logoAs SDCC goes on, the Marvel team at Hasbro likes to keep things fresh by introducing new figures to the case as the days go by. Yesterday was no exception as a few new figures were introduced to the case – Dazzler and two Netflix inspired figures – Jessica Jones and the Punisher.

Dazzler is, of course, significant as it’s been a personal quest to see her get her chance to shine. With the debut of Dazzler, I’m forced to go back to the Handbook of the Marvel Universe and find a new character to champion.

The Marvel panel will be today – so look for even more new Marvel reveals!

Quantum Mechanix’s SDCC Display

SDCC 2016 logoQuantum Mechanix had some of my favorite new products at Toy Fair this past February and they didn’t disappoint with what they brought to SDCC.

Quantum Mechanix has fully stepped inton the 1:6 scale world displaying some amazing figures from Star Trek, Supernatural, Firefly, and the Princess Bride. The Star Trek line is their most expansive as it spans The Original Series, The Next Generation and an amazing movie Kirk and Spock.

Of course it wasn’t limited to just 1:6 scale figures as QMx has their hot Q-Figs on display, new plush items, a replica Guardians of the Galaxy Milano, the USS Franklin from Star Trek: Beyond and an amazing Millennium Falcon complete with interior details.

Be sure to check out the gallery below.


Bluefin’s Tamashii Nations at SDCC 2016

SDCC 2016 logoI realize that I posted a Bluefin gallery the other day, but the Tamashii Nations display was so impressive it needed it’s own post. While I covered the Toy Story Chogokin – there’s improved pictures in the below gallery. Also getting some well deserved attention are the Figuarts Turtles (they look perfect), the debut of WWE Figuarts, the new Samurai Spider-Man and much more.

See it all below.

SDCC 2016 – Super7’s 3 3/4″ Figures and More

SDCC 2016 logoEver since their announcement of the Alien ReAction line a few years ago, Super7 has gained the attention of action figure fans everywhere. With the announcement that they’re the new stewards of Masters of the Universe this attention will be continuing.

Their SDCC display (in the exhibit hall – I haven’t been to Skeletor’s Lair yet) features new Streetfighter 3 3/4″ ReAction style figures, their ReAction style Masters of the Universe figures, collectible glassware, the debut of 3 3/4″ Hellboy figures and new Alien M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Of course there’s much more in their case – so check out the gallery!

Mattel’s DC Multiverse Line Brings Back 6″

SDCC 2016 logoAfter taking a little break from the scale, Mattel’s bringing their DC figures back to 6″ with an impressive showing at SDCC 2016. The new slate features product from all facets of the DC universe – TV, movies, comics.

Among the new reveals were the continuation of the Dark Knight Returns figures an impressive Batgirl, the complete Suicide Squad line and two impressive Collect and Connect figures (the robotic Batsuit looks amazing). Check out all the Mattel DC Multiverse product below.

SDCC 2016 – Factory Entertainment’s Display

SDCC 2016 logoFactory Entertainment had a pretty impressive Toy Fair this year and they kept the momentum going with their SDCC display.

A standout piece from their display was a miniature Batman ’66 Batcave, complete with Batmobile. The detail on this miniature is amazing – it looks like the television set has been shrunk down and placed on a table top.

Also impressive were new addition to the Metal Miniatures line. While there were new additions to their Marvel line on display, new properties including Ghostbusters and Harry Potter stole the limelight away from our Avenger friends.

See these and their other products (including Marvel and DC motion statues, Game of Thrones product) in the gallery below.

Hasbro Star Wars Reveals from SDCC Floor

SDCC 2016 logoFollowing the Star Wars panel this afternoon, brand new Hasbro Star Wars toys filled their display space. The below pictures were all snapped on the exhibit hall floor and include the latest 6″ and 3 3/4″ figures that will be hitting stores over the next year. Among what you’ll see is the new 6″ Hera, Lando and Tusken Raider as well as the 3 3/4″ Grand Admiral Thrawn and the first of the Rogue One toys.

NECA Shines at SDCC 2016

SDCC 2016 logoI apologize for not delivering a NECA gallery sooner – during the first full day of the show, due to the popularity of their TMNT SDCC exclusives – I couldn’t even get near the booth to photograph. Today I had a little more luck and was able to snap around the booth capturing all the awesome new toys they busted out for the show.

Highlights include new entries in their amazingly accurate quarter scale line (now including the TMNT), some modern take on Kenner Aliens, the continuation of their hugely popular series of video game inspired figures and some amazing horror figures. There’s, of course, much more in the gallery below – be sure to check it out.

Gentle Giant at SDCC – Marvel, DC, Star Wars (and More) in All Sizes

SDCC 2016 logoGentle Giant has historically been known for their jaw droppingly accurate sculpts on statues and busts but have, in recent years, made quite a niche for themselves by reissuing vintage toys in both Jumbo and Micro sizes. Their SDCC display reflects this diverse product line-up as all these key notes are hit on by the items in their cases. Check them all out in the gallery below!

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