Diamond Select Booth Images – Marvel and Star Wars

San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing, and we’re here with a ton of images of from Diamond Select’s booth. Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, Muppets, and many more are represented in a variety of different lines. First up, we’ll take a look at the offerings for Marvel and Star Wars.

Select Action Figures & Jumbo Retro Figures

Star Wars Busts

Busts of characters from Star War live action and animated series are both represented in this growing category.

Marvel Busts

Comic books, animation, and the MCU movies are all represented here.

Marvel Animated Style Statues

These fun and dynamic small statues can bring a new flair to your shelf with their animated styling. DST have made quite a few Fantastic Four characters in this line. They were also showing characters like Mysterio, Moon Knight, and Blade.

Star Wars Statues

Diamond also have larger statues that feature more realistically-styled depiction of the heroes and villains of Star Wars and Marvel.

Marvel Statues

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