Furry Feline Creatives’ 2023 SDCC Exclusives Line Up

In celebration of their 11th Year,  Furry Feline Creatives are turning things up a notch and cranking the volume up to 11.  This year, their booth will be made into a FOOD PARK with all the lights and aesthetics that matches the town of Meweville in our stories in the world of Furry Feline Creatives. Below are all the exclusives they have planned for the show. Links below are PRE-ORDERS for SDCC 2023 and can be PICKED UP at booth at #4435 or shipped with one flat rate fee of $8.99 for multiple orders.

The SDCC Exclusive Handmade Jebii Butt Nuggets Bundle!

Comes with three huge chunks of world famous Butt Nuggets,  your favorite dipping sauces: Hey-Yo-Mayo and Wachup Ketchup. Button pins and stickers come in this cute crafty box ready to serve!.    $40 for the set.

Jebii-Kun Multi-colored Fuzzy 3D figure.

The shiny multi-colored and fuzzy texture creates a very appealing feel to the eyes and touch.  Each one is unique and you get various shades of colors! Four variants to choose from or get the set! 

Stands at 3″ x 2″ x 2″ printed using Silk PLA/PLA+ filament. Designed and sculpted by Cheri Ong.      

Jebii-Kun is the official mascot of our I Heart Poop Culture brand by Furry Feline Creatives.     $12 each or get the set for $45.  

Spicy Deep Shit Pizza Resin Figure  $30

Are you ready to light the sky on fire?   Try our new Spicy Deep Sh*t Pizza!   Smothered and topped with spicy habanero peppers, cheese and pepperonis to make you call the fire department.   The Deep Sh*t Pizza art resin figure is hand sculpted and hand painted by Cheri Lynn Ong measures around 2.5 x 2.5 and comes in a miniature pizza box.   It  also includes a cute vinyl die cut sticker.   

Spicy Deep Shit Pizza Unisex Tees   $30

Pizza with a kick, is not for the weak. Spice up to 11 makes me hot like a fire in heaven.

Hotter Things Premium Art Print  $25  (SDCC EXCLUSIVE)

Spice up your room with this Hotter Things premium art print.  It’s so hot that it will make your nostrils go “eleven”.  Printed on 118lb cream cotton finish cover stock in rich vibrant colors.

Five Dollar Pizza Premium Art  Print  $25 (SDCC EXCLUSIVE)

How much for the pizza?  While the big sign is right in front…

OG Deep Shit Pizza Unisex tee and figure $30 each

Due to overwhelming demand, We are re-releasing the OG Deep Shit Pizza figure and tees that started it all!   Take it easy on the cheesy!   In queso emergency dial  (657) 21-PIZZA (74992)

100% Handmade Artisan Mewburger Plush   $45

Layered with smooth American cheese and crisp leaf lettuce on a char-grilled 100% pure meat-ish burger with secret sauces. Soft and Squishy and made with TLC.   Meweyville’s best burger place  in town! 

Measures a whopping 5 x 5 x 5 in a very cute clamshell box. 

Handmade and signed by Designer Arist Cheri Ong.

Mewburger Unisex tee  $30

Mewburger,  Meweyville’s best burger in town.    Grab your Mewburger Unisex Tee.   Eat Like a lion, play like a kitten.   

Mewburger’s Merry Mew Meal   $80    (Plush+Tee+Sticker+pin+minifigure)

Mewburger’s Merry Mew Meal comes in a adorable set of collectibles packaged in Mewburger’s iconic white cardboard box with lime green colors.

  • Includes 100% Handmade Artisan Mewburger Plush
  • Super soft Mewburger Unisex Tee  (NOTE: Provide your size!)
  • 3×5 Mewburger Vinyl Sticker
  • 1.75 button pin
  • Mewburger Minifigure Toy

 Meweyville’s best burger place  in town! 


We are proud to announce that we will debut our sneaker release and drops at SDCC.  The shoes will be on display and will be the first official release.  These will be ONLINE ONLY and will only be available in limited quantities with each release.  After each drop ends, it will never be available for purchase.    Keep an eye out on our social media for each drops.    You can now reserve these shoes now by doing a preorder on our website and it will be shipped in about 4 to 5 weeks.  THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP AT SDCC.

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