Hasbro Announces Continued Partnership With Takara Tomy and ADK Emotions NY to Launch BEYBLADE X in 2024

 Hasbro, Inc (NASDAQ:HAS), a leading toy and game company, announces that it has renewed its long-standing partnership with TOMY Company, T-Licensing Inc and ADK Emotions NY to launch BEYBLADE X, the next generation of BEYBLADE products. Following a July debut in Japan, these much-anticipated Generation 4 products will expand the global launch in Fall 2024, coinciding with the brand’s 25th anniversary.

New BEYBLADE X introduces a new spin on the toy line, commemorating previous generations while introducing new gear innovation, allowing Tops to speed into high gear for explosive battles. BEYBLADE X offers Tops identical in weight, feel, and performance across Hasbro and Takara Tomy, along with additional Hasbro Tops that meet the same high standard. The new generation builds off BEYBLADE’s rich history, from the brand’s launch in 1999 to 2008’s Metal Fusion launch to 2015’s Burst technology, while mirroring the high-quality fans have come to know and love with the Takara Tomy product.

“BEYBLADE X is special in that we have combined fan-favorite elements from each generation into a system with amazing, brand-new features, resulting in extreme speeds and epic battles. There will be something for everyone, whether you’re a longtime fan or just starting your Blading journey,” said Tom Warner, Senior Vice President of Global Brands at Hasbro.

The Generation 4 products will bring the world of BEYBLADE animation and toys together around BEYBLADE X, the latest installation of the fan-favorite series. In the new episodes, a rag-tag team of Bladers come together as friends and battle their way up The X to prove themselves against the best of the best.

The new storyline featuring a fresh lineup of characters is written by Hikaru Muno and Homura Kawamoto, the creators of critically acclaimed Kakegurui, and designed by Posuka Demizu, the artist behind one of the best-selling manga series The Promised Neverland. The opening theme song, “Prove,” is performed by global band ONE OK ROCK, and the ending theme song, “ZOOM ZOOM,” is performed by international Metaverse group aespa. The BEYBLADE X anime premieres October 6, 2023, on TV Tokyo in Japan. The U.S., Europe, Latin America and PAC anime premieres will follow in 2024.

“BEYBLADE X promises to deliver the excitement and innovation fans love with the brand-new toy line and animated series, and the franchise is set to drive incredible engagement on a global scale,” says T-Licensing Inc. representative Daizo Suzuki.

ADK Emotions NY Inc. representative Shunichi Ogawa echoes the sentiment; “We are incredibly excited to continue our partnership with Hasbro to launch the next generation of BEYBLADE products and deepen fan connections with the brand. We are looking forward to making the BEYBLADE experience as rich as possible while catering to both our longstanding community members and newcomers alike.”

Hasbro will join fans in celebrating the new series, BEYBLADE’s 25th anniversary, and the global launch of Generation 4 products by giving them opportunities to commemorate the brand’s legacy through a variety of engaging activations throughout the year ahead.

The BEYBLADE franchise was inspired by traditional Japanese battling tops called “Bei-Goma” and was originally created in 1999 by TOMY Company, Ltd. as a modern battling top system. The brand has been an international phenomenon in over 80 countries, with three full generations to date, including seven series, two movies, and three spin-off series. 

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