UK Toy Fair spills details on large Star Wars and Avengers vehicles

Quite a busy day of news from the  UK Toy Fair.  Earlier this morning rumors started leaking about the next “big” vehicle in the Star Wars line being the ‘MTT’ (you know, the thing with the Battle Droids on it) from The Phantom Menace. By noon this was confirmed via scans of the Hasbro UK booklet. Scans were posted over on

The other big (literally) news from Hasbro were details on the vehicles in the Avengers line-up. While a Quinjet has long been rumored to appear in the toy line it is now confirmed. As is a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. Which is sorta cool. Check out the scans below, and expect more detailed information in a few weeks from New York Toy Fair!

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