Hasbro Launches G.I. Joe Classified Dragonfly Helicopter HasLab Campaign. Over 95% Funded in First 24 Hours

Yesterday, Hasbro’s Joe team announced their newest HasLab campaign – the very first G.I. JOE CLASSIFIED SERIES 6-INCH SCALE G.I. JOE ASSAULT COPTER DRAGONFLY (XH-1). This campaign, expected to ship in Summer of 2024. requires a minimum of 10,000 backer orders by 11:59PM ET on July 17, 2023 to go to production. This campaign is off to a huge start reaching 95+% of the needed backers within the first 24 hours. The first stretch goal, at 13,000 backers, is Night Force Ripcord. There are two stretch goals remaining to be revealed.

Each HasLab helicopter you back gets you a G.I. JOE CLASSIFIED SERIES ASSAULT COPTER DRAGONFLY (XH-1,) along with an action figure of the latest G.I. JOE CLASSIFIED recruit – William “Wild Bill” Hardy – with premium deco, detailing, and articulation for poseability. The vehicle itself is an unparalleled achievement of detail and features with a myriad of posing and display options.

Key details and features include:

  • Elaborately-detailed Command Cockpit Interior: The copter pilot and gunner sit buckled with a 4-point harness in front of specialized illuminated instrument control panels. You can pose each figure operating the center, floor-mounted control stick and throttle controls maneuvering around and locking in on an oncoming H.I.S.S.
  • Detachable “Gull-wing” Canopy: The vehicle comes with “gull wing” functioning canopy with forward port entry for the gunner and rear starboard entry for the pilot. The canopy detaches for easier access.
  • Multiple Customizable Armaments: Customize your XH-1 loadout with detachable weapon accessories:
    • 2 Creeper missiles
    • 2 70MM unguided rocket launchers
    • 2 Jester Missile racks to hold 8 Jester Missiles
    • Removable laser-guided stationary 160MM Cannon Pod with belt-fed ammo that connects to the port side of the chopper
  • Functioning Hoist: The attachment points fit a removable hoist with rotating dial which extends or retracts a cable and rescue hook for infiltration and extraction or rescue ops.
  • Cannon Details: The 25MM Dragonbreath Rotary Nose Cannon rotates and can pivot up and down; and twin X-551 Mini-Cannon details below the cockpit increase the XH-1’s powerful attack capabilities.
  • 6 Blast Effects: 2 small effects fit the X-551 Mini-Cannons, the Dragonbreath Rotary Cannon, or trail behind the 70MM unguided rocket launchers; 2 medium effects attach to the Cannon Pod or the rear of the Jester and Creeper missile accessories; 2 large effects attach behind the missile accessories and to the wing pegs.
  • Removable Access Panels: Access panels detach to reveal engine details.
  • Hinged Cannon Access Doors: Doors lower showing the inner workings of the twin X-551 60MM Mini-Cannon accessories and act as a step to pose your figures ascending into the cockpit.
  • Movable V Tail Wing:  The vertical tail fin rotates from 90 degrees to 45 to assist in maneuverability.
  • Adjustable Stabilizer Wings: Rear stabilizers pivot up and down.
  • Counter Rotating Coaxial Turbine Detail: The snap-on Counter Rotation Turbine cover swivels to silence and direct the turbine thrust.
  • Engine Cover Exhaust Vents: Flared exhaust port design details provide the XH-1 with high-speed stability.
  • Clear Display Stand: The transparent 10-inch-high display stand has a 15-degree angle allowing you to pose your Attack Copter as though it’s hovering in the air, either climbing or descending. The base is decorated with a modern take on the classic DF-1 roundel.
  • Sticker Sheet: Personalize your Assault Copter fleet with consumer-applied labels for customization.

This HasLab campaign requires 10,000 backer orders to officially fund Operation: Dragonfly. This HasLab campaign backing period begins 11:00AM ET June 5th and ends at 11:59PM ET July 17th. If funded, anticipate final delivery in the Summer of 2024. The G.I. JOE CLASSIFIED SERIES G.I. JOE ASSAULT COPTER DRAGONFLY (XH-1) is now exclusively available to be backed on the Hasbro Pulse website.

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