MattyCollect’s Hot Wheels SDCC Exclusives – The Homer & Bond’s Aston Martin DB5

SDCC 2014 logoMattyCollector’s revealed two Hot Wheels SDCC exclusives earlier today – both of which look fantastic. From the Simspsons comes “The Homer” and from James Bond you get his Aston Martin BD5. SDCC voucher pre-sales will take place 8AM PT  on 6/23 for Early Access (Club Eternia subscribers only) and 9AM PT on 6/24 for everyone else. After the show these will be available at

See descriptions and images of both cars below, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

Hot Wheels® The Homer ($30): Hot Wheels® proudly presents The Homer from everyone’s favorite cartoon show “The Simpsons.” This vehicle is a faithful reproduction in awesome collectible packaging of the Homer Simpson-designed car “that’s everything the average man ever dreamed of!”

Hot Wheels® Aston Martin DB5 ($20): It’s the movie car that became almost as famous as 007 himself! This detailed Hot Wheels® version of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 comes with a special spy-catching deco and a Comic-Con package that you won’t want to miss.

MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Bond Boxed MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Bond Opened MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Homer Opened MattyCollector 2014 SDCC Hot Wheels Homer Boxed

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  1. Mattel will not be attending NYCC, so you’re only chance will be the sale after SDCC

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