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Doctor Who logoThe UK Toy Fair has started and we’re off to a great start with some awesome Doctor Who reveals. Unfortunately I’m not at the UK Toy Fair, but the Doctor Who Toys and Merchandise site is or at least was. Check their site for detailed coverage but here are a few bullet points or highlights.

  • New series 3 3/4″ figures were revealed, on display was the Doctor, Clara, the Angels, Cybermen and Daleks. They look pretty good. A deluxe Dalek with hovercraft was also shown, these include diorama elements.  A 3 3/4″ compatible TARDIS was also on display (which I love).
  • A second wave of talking Daleks were on display, including Daleks from  The Chase, Dalek Invasion of Earth, Planet of the Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks, Resurrection of the Daleks, Victory of the Daleks
  • 5″ Classic Who 2-pack / playsets were on display. One from each Doctor is planned, the packs feature the Doctor and a relevant monster with a diaroma. Shown were  an ‘Asylum of the Daleks’, ‘Invasion of Time’ and ‘Invasion of the Cybermen’ sets. Also the 11 Doctors set may be getting a second set with new versions of each Doctor. This was not on display, so the variants are unknown; or it may be a reissue of the previous 11 Doctors set in new packaging.
  • Sonic screwdrivers are being re-released, including the classic screwdriver
  • A new product line “Mashems” are being released, think Doctor Who stress balls. You’ve always wanted to squeeze an Ice Warrior’s head…right?
  • A larger scale, 50th Anniversary Dalek with sound and a very British deco is being released. This will be a more limited piece
  • Finally, the Character Building Doctor Who range will be continuing featuring a blind bagged “11 Doctors wave”, new character theme packs, a new TARDIS interior set and more.

Check out this flickr gallery for a ton of pics – here’s a few teasers. And great coverage by The Doctor Who Site!



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