Boba’s Blaster Gets Nerf Treatment, Pre-Orders Open Now

With ‘The Book of Boba Fett’ is streaming on Disney+, Boba Fett is having his moment in the spotlight. Hasbro and NERF LMTD are using this opportunity to release a Nerf version of Boba’s signature blaster, the EE-3. This blaster is meticulously detailed to capture the look of the blaster seen in ‘The Book of Boba Fett’. This blaster includes 3 drums, each with 4-dart capacity, so you can switch them out to reload, and 12 NERF ELITE darts. The 30-inch blaster has an electronic scope with an illuminated lens and makes series-accurate blaster sounds. It comes fully assembled in premium packaging, perfect for display. 

This blaster is available to pre-order between now and March 31st, 2022 on Hasbro Pulse and Amazon. The blaster currently has a release date of March 2023. Check out pics below.

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