Super Impulse Reintroduces the Wiz-z-zer!

Originally introduced in 1970, Wiz-z-zer is the bestselling spinning top of all time – I know I had a
Wiz-z-zer when I was a kid. As shown (and played with) at Toy Fair, Super Impulse has brought this classic back and has reintroduced the Original Wiz-z-zer with a whole new look that is both retro and contemporary, and includes exciting line extensions of Wiz-z-zing products that are sure to become classics. There are no batteries, string, ripcord or launchers needed. The Wiz-z-zer product line is below and you can find them in stores everywhere.

Original Wiz-z-zer

Wiz your way through tricks and battles with the Original Wiz-z-zer! Spinning at 10,000 RPMs with incredible balance and stability, Wiz-z-zer can spin on the tip of your pencil, across pieces of string or even on top of each other! The Original Wiz-z-zer is back and available in two styles, Rounder and Wedge, with eight new graphics.

Which skills will you master and what battles will you win with the Original Wiz-z-zer?

MSRP: $6.99
Ages: 5+

Wiz-z-zer Wheelz-z-z

New to the Wiz-z-zer family, Wiz-z-zer Wheelz-z-z are jacked up cars that go into wild spins when they make contact. Race them, battle them, stack them and crash them! Sold in a single pack, two pack and Battle Arena set.

MSRP: $9.99
Age: 5+

Wiz-z-zer Wheelz-z-z Spin & Battle Arena

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, enter into the Whiz-z-zer Wheelz-z-z Spin & Battle Arena. We will feature a double ramp arena where the Wiz-z-z-er Wheelz-z-z can fly down the ramps, collide and spin out! The spotlight is on. Who will win the battle?

MSRP: $19.99
Age: 5+

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