Lego Revisits and Updates Creator Expert Taj Mahal

2008’s Lego Creator Expert Taj Mahal was such an impressive set that Lego is reintroducing it with a few improvements. The Taj Mahal is, of course, one of the world’s architectural masterpieces and this 5,923 piece set does it’s best to capture the essence of this amazing building. 

This updated set features the structure’s 4 facades with sweeping arches, balconies and arched windows. The central dome, subsidiary domed chambers and surrounding minarets are topped with decorative finials, and the raised platform is lined with recessed arches. The model is finished with ornate detailing throughout and intricate tilework around the base. With more than 5,900 pieces, this set is designed to deliver a rewarding building experience and makes a great display piece for the home or office. And if you have to move it from the office to home, it now divides into 7 sections to facilitate transportation. 

This is one of the largets Lego models ever sold and includes several unique elements; blue 16×32 baseplates, white 1x5x4 bricks with bow, lots of transparent elements, ‘Erling’ bricks and ‘jumper’ plates. These set, when assembled measures over 16” (43cm) high, 20” (51cm) wide and 20” (51cm) deep.

Check it out below and find it online and at the Lego store November 27th. This set has a US SRP of $369.99.

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