Toy Fair 2023 – Lego

Due to the timing of Toy Fair this year, Lego went a different route than they historically go – a giant open display of 2023 sets. Lego was kind enough to walk me through and we highlighted some of the most recent sets across many of their themes.

Technic: The latest and greatest of these older kid/adult skewing sets is a massive (!) app controlled Liebherr Crawler Crane.

Lego Dreamzzz is an all new theme which is essentially mash-ups of unexpected combinations that make some really fun builds. And to encourage imagination and creativity – the instruction booklets take you through about 70% of the build and the rest is up to you. There are no wrong answers, just build where your imagination takes you.

Lego City is an evergreen property with some fresh new aquatic (the boats really float, of course), outdoor and arctic inspired sets. Comparing this latest Lego airliner to the one I had in the kid makes my childhood plane seem really, really unsafe.

Marvel inspired sets continue to be popular and the display pieces of Cap’s shield and the 3D art Spider-Man are sure to be hits this holiday season.

Sonic the Hedgehog sets continue to hit stores and be wildly popular.

Lego Friends has returned after a bit of a hiatus. This inclusive toy line is back with all new characters and pieces that are still 100% compatible with your other Lego sets.

Jurrasic Park is celebrating an anniversary year and the property remains as popular as ever…of course everyone loves dinosaurs.

Harry Potter is having a bit of a moment in the Lego aisle with some fresh new sets supporting this timeless saga. The model of Hogwarts is a bit shrunk down to be manageable but squeezes in a ton of easter eggs and surprises for fans new and old.

Like dinosaurs, ninjas are eternally popular – so it only makes sense that Ninjago is continuing with new sets.

Finally, with Disney celebrating their 100th anniversary there are some special sets to commemorate this milestone. Both the stop motion camera and VHS inspired sets are next level and more than worthy of some extra attention.

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