2011 Transformers revealed at Cybertron Con

Rodimus Prime doesn’t get a whole lot of respect, does he?  While Transformers fandom was just starting to pour over the images of the Masterpiece Rodimus Prime toy; a new batch of images arrived from Cybertron Con showing many of the 2011 Transformers debuted at Botcon.  You can check out the images over at TFW2005, they include Transformers Generations Jazz, Perceptor, Scourge and Tracks.  Also pictured are several G1 inspired Legends toys (Legends Gold Bumblebee, Legends G1 Megatron, Legends G1 Optimus Prime, Legends G1 Starscream).  There are some really great toys in this batch; can’t wait to see more pics of Jazz and Tracks.

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