All-New X-Men Marvel Legends Box Set Heading to Toys R Us

marvel_logoFans of the 6″ Marvel Legends got a bit of a surprise today when IGN announced the news that an all new boxset based on the All-New X-Men will be hitting Toys R Us in the next few weeks. This set, based on the currently running Marvel comic where the original 5 X-Men were plucked out of the past so that past Cyclops could confront “now” Cyclops following his Phoenix-infused murder of Professor X. Got that?

Well, this box set (very reminiscent of the old 5″ Toy Biz boxset) includes Iceman, Angel, Beast, Jean Grey and Cyclops in their original blue and yellow uniforms. Exclusive to Toys R Us, this set will be popping up in the next few weeks and will retail for $84.99.

all new xmen legends boxed

all new xmen legends loose


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