SDCC – Hasbro’s Transformers Breakfast

SDCC 2013 logoI can see the light at the end of the SDCC tunnel! I’ve got a few more posts to write, focused on some of the cool stuff I did and saw. Thursday morning I attended a Transfomers Construct-Bots breakfast, which combines two of my favorite things – Transformers and pancakes! Not only was there a “build a breakfast bar” there was a complete “build-a-bot bar” featuring parts from Hasbro’s new Construct-Bots.

Following a few delicious pancakes I mozied over to the ‘bot bar’ and started fussing with the Construct-Bots. I’ll admit, I’ve always been a bit of a skeptic of “non-traditional” Transformers but standing in front of that bin of parts and being able to piece together my own creation was a bit of a blast. I ended up naming my creation ‘KLASHOR’ – inspired by his incredible purple / red color scheme.

After my experience creating KLASHOR, I’m looking forward to futzing with the Optimus Prime / Megatron pack – I’m sure there’s some parts that will make some great updates to KLASHOR, and while building what the directions tell you to is great, the best part of Construct-Bots is just having fun and creating something cool.



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