Toy Fair 2013 – Jakks Pacific

TF2013 LogoAs I entered the Jakks Pacific booth, my attention was immediately grabbed by their 31 inch tall figures. The line up consists of a red Power Ranger, two Batmen, and a fantastic Darth Vader. With a price point between $30-$35, these are a great value and, really, that Vader will make a fantastic display piece.

On the opposite side of the size spectrum were the second year of Monsuno toys. The rules to the game have been simplified, but the figures haven’t. The amount of deco on these small figures is impressive.

Giant toys and really small toys aside, I was most impressed by EZ PRO DJ. This DJ mixer simplifies the process of mixing by doing the beat matching automatically, meaning you can get right down to making your own mix, with loops, samples, scratching and adding effects. An optional microphone lets you put yourself in the music.  At just $50, this is about half the price of entry DJ mixers and is way easier to use. This should be a hit and was my favorite thing in the Jakks Pacfic booth. Darth shouldn’t feel too bad, I’ll buy him too.

Other product in the Jakks Pacific booth included new el Chavo plush (from a Mexican sitcom), new Smurfs (including micro-Smurfs), new Spy Net and more. Check it all out in the gallery below.

[nggallery id=162]

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