How to Learn Science the Marvel Way!

marvel_logoUncle Milton, makers of the Star Wars Science education toys, have sent out details on their new Marvel Science toys. You can learn the science of the superheroes with these fun sets which let you build Iron Man’s Arc Reactor or make Spidey’s webs…no super soldier serum yet though. All these toys are available now, and you can find them at, Toys R Us and other fine retailers. Check out their descriptions and images below!

Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab

Now you can build your own Arc Reactor just like Tony Stark with the Iron Man Arc Reactor Lab! Then, mix and match the power chips inside to get different light and sound power reactions. Try all 24 different power chip
combinations to find the full power-up combination with awesome light and sound effects. There’s a different power-up solution every time you play! Display the Arc Reactor in room light mode with the included display stand. Features an educational poster about Iron Man and Real World science!
Ages 6+, SRP $29.99

Iron Man Repulsor Ray Tech Lab
Now you can master the Repulsor Ray force, powered by Iron Man’s Arc Reactor. Control and balance the force in both handheld and tabletop positions. Then, master your ability to move the included energy sphere through different challenging obstacles. The powerful airflow force will suspend the energy sphere in mid-air! Once you’ve mastered the Repulsor Ray, shut off the lights and train in the dark using the light-up mode. Features an educational poster about Iron Man and Real World
science! Ages 6+, SRP $25.99

Spider-Man Web Creator Lab
G et ready to create your own spider webs! Liquify, inject, and extract your own webs using the Spider-Man Web Creator Lab. Sticky or stretchy? Web balls or web nets? Red or blue webs? You decide! Then let the web adventure begin. The all-inclusive web lab has everything you need to create the webs, including reusable web material to use again and again. Features an educational poster about Spider-Man and Real World science!
Ages 6+, SRP $34.99

Thor Lightning Energy Hammer
Harness the power and energy of Thor’s Lightning Energy Hammer! Find metal to activate it. Then, watch as it flashes and sizzles with lightning energy! Includes an Energy Charge coin and awesome light-up display base. Features an educational poster about Thor and Real World science!
Ages 6+, SRP $24.99

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