Figure of the Day 8 – Rebel Fleet Trooper

Rebel Fleet Trooper

Series: Star Wars; Power of the Force 2
Release Date: 1997
Comments: What a difference 12 years can make.  In 1997 this figure was huge, never before seen in action figure form.  In 2009 this figure is outdated, and very ‘meh’.  But lets spend a minute on Rebel Fleet Trooper (aka the only people the Stormtroopers can actually shoot) and see that, indeed, there is some important history here.

In the early days of KENNER’s relaunched Star Wars lines the figures were thick.  Take a look at the pecs on that Rebel Fleet Trooper, I mean, he’s M&F cover material.  Additionally he towered over other figures in the line, including Darth Vader.  The Rebel Fleet Trooper was essentially the end of this era of Star Wars figures – his next sculpt was much less stacked and much more in scale.

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