Figure Spotlight – Funko’s Rick and Morty Wave 2

Our friends at Funko were kind enough to send over the second wave of Rick and Morty figures for us to check out. This wave includes Purge Suit Rick, Purge Suit Morty, Summer, Squanchy and Scary Terry. If you pick up all the figures in the wave you can build Krombopulos Michael. 

Each of these figures share the same backer card with a prominent ‘Rick and Morty’ logo on the front and cross-sell for each of the figures on the back. The figures are individualized via a sticker on the bubble which calls out the specific character. The figures and accessories are all very clearly laid out in the bubble, which lets you make sure yours meets all your expectations.

While these look fine carded, these figures really shine when they are freed of their plastic bubble prison. Each figures sports a cartoon accurate sculpt, and desite the thin legs each figure stands on their own with no issues. Funko nailed the balance on these, which is something that I’ve come to appreciate more and more over the years. Each of the human figures have the same articulation scheme – knees, ball jointed hips, ball jointed shoulders, elbows, wrists and a ball jointed head. Squanchy is similar, however lacks knee, elbow and wrist articulation and has a rotating joint at the hips and has tail articulation. The level of articulation on all the figures is pretty ideal as it does leave a ton of room for posing, yet the stability or sturdiness of the figure is not compromised. The accessories (Summer’s taco and Squanchy’s bottle) fit perfectly in the figure’s hands, Funko did a great job ensuring compatbility here. Of course a great sculpt and good articulation can be ruined with a bad deco – but that’s not the case here. In fact, these figures have some amazingly clean paint apps with bright colors and perfect lines. I’m really pleased with how well these look, it’s not something that every toy line can achieve.  Overall, Funko knocked these out of the park.

The last thing to look at is the build-a-figure of Krombopulos Michael – really, all the stuff above applies. This is a solid sixth figure in the wave. He was a bit challenging to pop together, but once assembled he’s certain to hold together.

Check out pics of all the figures below and look for these whereever your favorite Funko products are sold.


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