Toy Fair 2013: ‘Ganndroids’ return and introduce ‘Unholy Foods’

With just a few days until the AwesomeToyBlog HQ goes mobile for the 2013 Toy Fair, our friends at Gann Memorial sent us a press release announcing the return of Ganndroids plush (now redesigned to accomodate larger phones) and introducing the new ‘Unholy Foods’ plush line. Check out the press release and a few teaser images. And, look for complete coverage of Ganndroids and a ton of other fun stuff this weekend as we go live to the New York Toy Fair!

“Ganndroids” Google Android Return and “Unholy Foods” Plush Toys Debut at the 2013 NY Toy Fair!

Commissioned by the Google “Android” team, Gann Memorials Custom Plush Toys originally developed the “Android” plush toy for a Google promotion. Using the same commissioned design, they have launched their own line of “Android” inspired plush toys and accessories. Now you can showcase your Google “Android” brand support, whether you are in an automobile or at your home/office!

The Ganndroids are making their third Toy Fair appearance, and with that both 9 and 12 inch sizes, as well as 3 inch key chain, (redesigned to accomodate larger phones) mobile phone shielder, and plush window clinger styles return! Our newest Winter 3.0 release is “Andjoyd” our light-up 12 inch party plushie!

“Andjoyd” will be shipping in March, while all other styles are available for wholesale purchase exclusively through! If attending Toy Fair, the Ganndroids can be found at booth #4507, on the lower level.

Joining Ganndroids, and making their debut Toy Fair appearance are the “Unholy Foods”. This line of cuddly zombie dairy, grains, and fruits are perfect for zombie lovers everywhere. Shipping in March, the invasion begins in your fridge!

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