Club Eternia In! Ecto-1 Out. Club Infinite Earths Future Uncertain.

Mattycollector TN

The numbers for the 2014 MattyCollector subscriptions are in and, well, it’s a mixed bag for fans. Club Eternia made it’s goal – reaching 115% of the subscriptions needed – another year of Masters of the Universe Classics is in the bag. Given the performance for the year, so extra non-sub items are being considered – any updates will be at Toy Fair in February.

However, both the Ecto-1 and Club Infinite Earths did not meet their subscription goals. The MattyCollector team is back to the drawing board to decide the fate of DC Universe Classics, some (but certainly not all) of the options available are quarterly releases, release of the figures outside the subscription model (at higher prices) and the end of the line.

If you didn’t sub to Club Eternia – you’ll have one last chance, subs will be reopening for a short period. In the meantime, He-Man and Skeletor are putting their differences aside and celebrating.


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