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One of the new lines featured at Lego’s Toy Fair collector’s event was ‘Monster Fighters’ – sets that pair up classic monsters with the people hunting them. Based on the first impression of the sets – these would be ripe for some back story. Well, as it turns out, there is one and in conjunction with the crowdsourcing platform Tongal – you have the opportunity to add to the ‘Monster Fighters’ universe. Lego is looking for creative, fresh and unique animated shorts to support the release of ‘Monster Fighters’. The total cash prize for this promotion is $20,000! To read more about the project, check out Tongal – but hurry the concept phase of the competition ends on the 15th of March. If you want to see the story behind Monster Fighters keep reading after the jump.

In the land of monsters, in a haunted castle, that…even among haunted castles, stands out as especially brooding and grim, we find the infamous mastermind, Lord Vampyre–who has just completed his research and concoted an evil spell nearly ready to be released—

If …he can just…combine…6 moonstones… currently guarded, by 6 (count ‘em, 6) monsters, his spell will eclipse the sun for good!  Flooding the world in eternal darkness—awakening an entire Monster Army and unleashing MASS HYSTERIA.

Pretty grim.  Right?    But….

Somebody’s keeping L. Vampyre’s sordid group of monster lackeys from bringing him the 6 moonstones he needs.  Who’s waxing the Werewolf? Stifling The Swamp Monster? Vexing The Voodoo Doctor and his Zombies? Keeping The Crazy Scientist and his Monster in check? Making sure The Mummy is under wraps? And who’s keeping Lord V’s Army of Ghosts in their trenches? Who is keeping them all from crossing the threshold to the world of humans???

Five Monster Fighters. Five fearless adventurers.  Five indefatigable heroes of countless creepy confrontations—five faithful who have sworn to do battle with these ghouls, sworn to retrieve the moonstones safely, and sworn to prevent Lord Vampyre from plunging the world into eternal darkness!

  •  Dr. Rodney Rathbone – the brilliant, aristocratic team leader.  Natch.
  • Ann Lee – adept with a broomstick – a peeerless destroyer of Ghosts.
  • Frank Rock – a motorcycle rebel.  He’s avenging a (paranormal) dog-snatching at the hands of Swamp Monster.
  • Major Quentin Steele  – an old-fashioned big game hunter, with a taste for exotic prey.  Right… werewolves.
  • Jack MacHammer – the burly Scottish lumberjack with telescopic vision (keyed on The Crazy Scientist’s Monster).

Together, they are the Monster Fighters.  And their battle to save the world is on!


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