BMOG Store Now Open for Business With Exclusive Colorway

BMOG TNOur pals over at Octivirate Toys sent us a note announcing that they’re ecrater store is open and they’ve stocked with exclusive colorways of their BMOG kits. BMOGs are are Bio-Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts: wild robotic beasts that you can take apart and rebuild in endless combinations, whose every appendage is also an action figure accessory outfitted with 5 millimeter grips, making them compatible with Transformers, Turtles and a ton other toy lines. The kits available at the site are:

  • “Military Black” brings you the shadowy smackdown between Heroic Augmentoid Ursenal and Evil Paraxxoid Mant-Axe!
  • “Toxic Spill” features the retina-rotting rampages of Evil Paraxxoids Bearium and Gamma-Ray!
  • “Piratical Purple” drops anchor with rapacious raiders Peg-Paw Plundor and the Dread Pickaxe Raybot! – this set was previously only available as a convention exclusive

You can find their store here and learn more about BMOG here.


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