Giant 4ft SDCC exclusive Avengers Helicarrier announced

One of the items at toy fair that blew me away was Hasbro’s 3ft Avengers Helicarrier, big toys are rare in the market today, so it was great to see a huge Marvel toy. Well apparently they get huger, as Hasbro announced today, via the LA Times, a 4ft Helicarrier for SDCC. This special edition Helicarrier is a foot longer than the normal retail release, and includes a new version of Captain America and debuts S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill and also includes “additional weaponry”.  This piece will retail for $129.99 at the show.

Comparing the pic of the SDCC Helicarrier to the one at toy fair does show its a new mold of the deck with greater distance between the pairs of turbines, a different number on the runway and a SDCC 2012 designator at the end. See below for both pics (SDCC first, then toy fair). I’ll admit, I love this piece and it is on my list.



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