Figure Spotlight 28 – Mumm-Ra

Name: Mumm-Ra
Series: Thundercats
Released: August 2011

In the past year Thundercats have become hot, hot, hot.  With their new TV animated series having launched a few weeks ago, a new toy line from Bandai is popping into stores across the country.  The toy lines include a 4 inch line with figures and vehicles, a 6 inch line and a 8 inch Thundercats Classics collectors line.  Bandai’s PR company was kind enough to send AwesomeToyBlog a sample of the 4″ line, so keep reading to see what I thought of the villainous Mumm-Ra.

The demon-sorcerer Mumm-Ra (suggested price $7.99) is the self-proclaimed “ever-living source of evil” and serves as the chief antagonist of the Thundercats.  In toy form he stands right around 4 inches tall despite his hunched over posture and features thin and lanky limbs; as one would expect an ancient evil mummy to have.  Shrouded in his red cloak, the figure looks great – very similar to the on-screen model.  The cloak is removable, but the figure looks much better with it on.  Mumm-Ra’s articulation is on the low side for a modern 4″ figure with him featuring joints at the waist, neck, shoulders and wrists.  Due to the thinness of the limbs, I can understand why there aren’t a ton of joints – but articulated elbows would have been nice to have. The figure’s deco is spot on – its not a complicated paint scheme but its clean, well done and works.

The final thing to note is the incorporated “ThunderLynx” magnet embedded in his back which allows him to interact with and unlock special features in compatible Thundercats toys.  By hiding the magnet under the cloak, the action figure is included but also enhances the appearance of the figure – giving Mumm-Ra a bit of a hunch back look.  Personally I love when an action feature is included in a figure, particularly when it doesn’t inhibit either the appearance or the articulation.

After seeing the line at SDCC, I had pretty high expectations of the figures.  Mumm-Ra didn’t disappoint as he definitely looks nice, with a great sculpt and aesthetic. I’m looking forward to picking up a few of the other figures in the line to see how the others fair in comparison.  If you haven’t seen the figures in a local retail store, check them out at Entertainment Earth or Amazon.

The Mumm-Ra figure was kindly provided by Weber Shandwick for Bandai America.

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