Toy Fair 2011 – Hasbro Transformers

The fourth major segment of Hasbro’s collector’s event focused on those Robots in Disguise, the Transformers. See below for highlights of the presentation:

  • Several ‘brands’ of Transformers previewed – Dark Side of the Moon, Transformers RPM, Stealthforce, K-Reo Transformers, Rescue Bots
  • Movie Toys are launching May 16th; sublines are Mechtech (Transforming weapons), Cyberverse and Robo Power
  • Key dates for Transformers: June 2nd-5th Botcon, July 1st – Movie release, July 21st-24th – SDCC, Prime Toys coming out in fall
  • K-Reo construction toys coming August 1st; pieces in the set make both the vehicle and the robot form.  These look much, much better than ‘Built-to-Rule’ toys from a few years ago – 12 sets in 2011
  • K-Reo will also introduce mini-figures with some action figure features – dubbed ‘Kreons’.  Total of 28 Kreons to collect this year
  • Transformers: Vault book coming, will show never before seen details from Hasbro Archive on the history of the Transformers.  Would have liked to have seen more details on this item, it could be really interesting
  • Some re-naming / scaling of toys coming.  Legends toys becoming Legion toys.  Scouts are becoming Commanders.  There will be playset and vehicle components allowing Legions and Commanders to interact.
  • Ultimate Optimus Prime is taller than 22 inches with the trailer attached
  • Generations (not shown) will continue through 2011
  • There will be a Transformers SDCC exclusive, but details weren’t spoken too
  • Some hints that Bot-con being close to Hollywood this year, will have some special surprises…i.e. something related to the movies.

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  1. Love this news. Hoping for a good Transformers SDCC exclusive this year. The last two, Reissue Soundwave and Reissue Blaster were great. I was wondering if Hasbro would not do a TF exclusive because of the crossover Starscream/Skystriker exclusive, but it’s good to hear that they will be doing something. Another good G1 reissue Transformer at SDCC this year would be great!

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