Figure Spotlight #20 – Davros

Resurrection of the Daleks - DavrosDavros, the creator of the Daleks, is rescued from a cryogenic  prison by his creations when he is needed to cure a deadly a Movellan virus.  Fortunately, the 5th Doctor is on hand to stop the Daleks’ evil plan in the classic Doctor Who story ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’.  This Davros figure is part of the newest Doctor Who box set from Underground Toys featuring the 5th Doctor, Davros, a Dalek and a Supreme Dalek.

This is the first Doctor Who Classics Davros figure released, and it is top notch.  The Dalek base is quite nice and even features an opening panel; as seen in the episode when some repairs are completed on Davros’ chair.  The sculpt on Davros himself is quite good, however the wires on his head are a bit thick.  I’m not sure how robust thinner ‘wires’ would have been so that is likely the reason for their size.  They are separate pieces and can be removed if you find them distracting, but really they’re not bad.

This is the final figure of the boxset to have a ‘Figure Spotlight’ which gives me the opportunity to look at the set as a whole.  If you’re a fan of the Daleks, this set is a no brainer; the Davros and 2 Daleks are worth the price of admission and you get a bonus 5th Doctor figure.  If Daleks don’t float your boat, its a tougher proposition as there really is only one truly unique figure in the set, Davros.  The ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’ boxset is now in stock and available from Entertainment Earth, check it out.

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