Figure Spotlight #16 – Sil

Vengeance on Varos SilSil was a representative of the Galatron Mining Corporation on Varos, where he kept the people of the planet just above the poverty line by negotiating contracts for the mineral Zeiton-7 at a price well below value.  Sil appeared in 2 on-screen adventures during the 6th Doctor era of classic Doctor Who.  His action figure was released in a box set with the Doctor’s companion, Peri.

Labeling Sil as an action figure is a bit of a misnomer, as he’s more of an unarticulated accessory.  The sculpting is amazing; an A+ job here.  The deco is also top notch.  The down side is that he doesn’t move.  Granted, Sil isn’t the most mobile of characters, but an articulated tail or arms would have been nice.  For what it is, its super nice; but I guess I had hoped it would be a little more.  Fortunately between him and Peri, I do feel you get your money’s worth.

The Peri and Sil 2-pack is now in stock at online e-tailer Entertainment Earth.

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