Figure Spotlight #15 – Peri

Vengeance on Varos PeriPerpugilliam Brown, or Peri was the final companion to travel with the 5th Doctor and was present during his regeneration to the 6th Doctor.  In a post-regenerative state, the Doctor attempts to strangle Peri.  He does not succeed.  Peri continues to travel with the 6th Doctor for some time following that incident, however at times in the series it seems that they aren’t terribly fond of each other.

Part of a new two-pack, Peri is the 2nd companion released in the Doctor Who classics line.  Some may argue that she is the first, but there was a K9 released with the season 17 4th Doctor.  And really, do you want to live in a world where Peri is number 1?  I don’t.  While I’m not a fan of the character; the toy is quite good (and the fact that it is silent helps considerably).  The sculpt is dead on, with the outfit matching her apparel from ‘Vengeance on Varos’.  The articulation is also quite good with 16 points of articulation.  For being the first humanoid companion released in Doctor Who Classics, the figure is quite good.  Here’s hoping there are many more.

The Peri and Sil 2-pack is now available from Entertainment Earth.  Head over there to check it out!

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